20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer


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WHY CHOOSE US ? product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

  • High Quality

  • Efficiency

  • Best Service

  • Features

Using Famous Name Brand & Imported Raw Materials.

SGS & BV & Intertek Inspection Guarantee.

Totally Automated Machine Production, 99.8% Pass Rate




Multiple Production Lines to Ensure Production Capacity,Production of 600pcs One Minute,2 Days One Container


Free Sample / OEM Wholesale.

Private Customized Gifts for Different Market, like Pakistan,India, Malaysia ,Turkey,

Germany,USA etc.

More Than 5 Years Rich Peer Experience One to One Consultancy Service.

Provide Global Required Certification PVOC/NAFDA/COC/ECTN/BESC.


Focus on Production of Disposable Sleepy Diaper Range of Baby Adult Manufacturer in China.

OUR CASE product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

ABOUT US product

20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

Rockbrook Daily Products Co., Ltd

Rockbrook Daily Products Co., Ltd Located in Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province.Professional with many years experience from 1996, 20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

Professional Manufacturer in Baby Diaper, Adult diaper, Nappy Pad ,Sanitary Napkin, Panty Liner,Underpad

Manufacturer & Exporter in China with 11000 square meters factory

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer


20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

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20 Years Qualified & Reliable Sleepy Diaper Manufaturer

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Room 606,Eighth Building , 1970 Culture Creation Zone , Minzhi Road Bao'an District Shenzhen Guangdong China.

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