Our New Patent Pad – 4 in 1 Anion Sanitary Napkin


What is special about the 4-in-1 anion sanitary napkin?

As we all know, menstruation is very important to a woman. Menstruation is a phenomenon of periodic vaginal discharge, and its main components are blood, endometrial tissue fragments, various active enzymes, and biological factors. It is regulated by the reproductive system and is required for biological reproduction.

Learning to distinguish different sanitary napkins and choose the most suitable one for us. Now I still remember the first time use our 4 in 1 anion sanitary napkin. At that time, this product was just developed. After listening to the product manager’s sharing, I was curious about the difference between this product and others. So I start using it.

Difference from other pads, this one added a new chip that combined anion, far infrared, active magnetic, nanosilver multi-functional effect.


anion sanitary napkin


What is Anion?

First of all, it has nothing to do with onions; let’s get it out of the way… There are two types of ions in the air – positive and negative. Positive ions are considered harmful to the human body, whereas negative ions are proven to be beneficial. They have been known to help relieve stress, alleviate depression and boost energy levels.

Anions (or negative ions) are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons and giving off what is known as a negative charge. In nature, anions are created with air molecules broken apart by sunlight, radiation, and moving air or water. Some places where negative ions can be found are forests, oceans, and waterfalls.

Anion in the air is like vitamins in food; They greatly benefit people’s health and everyday routine, which can facilitate body growth and disease prevention. Infrared radiation is gaining popularity as a safe method of therapy with the warmth of natural origin and physiotherapy.

Anion is valuable as a “vitamin of air.” It brings a lot of benefits during that special time of the month and for your overall health as well.

  1. Anion stops the growth of bacteria.
  2. Reduces feminine discomfort/dysmenorrhea
  3. Eliminates bad odor
  4. Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
  5. Improves blood circulation
  6. Lowers stress levels and boots energy levels
  7. Act as a natural anti-depressant
  8. Strengthens the immune system


Especially is that we have produced 410mm plus size anion sanitary napkin for women who will have heavy flow on menstruation. It has been strictly tested and as a patent product. If you need to know more about anion pads details, welcome to contact us.