Do you know the market trend of moist wipes in the future?


From $13.163 billion in 2017 to $15.998 billion in 2021, the global moist wipes market has grown significantly. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, moist wipes have mature product classifications and fixed application scenarios. Baby wipes are common. In additional also have more kinds of wipes for example cleaning wipes for kitchens and floors, leather wipes, pet wipes and so on. The types of moist wipes are different for objects and occasions.

Studies have shown that when people buy wet wipes, the first priority is the ingredients of the wet wipes. Natural raw materials and chemical-free formulations are all concerns of buyers. As a professional hygiene products company, Rockbrook has always put the needs of customers first, so we have developed mild and non-irritating baby wipes.

moist wipes

Compared with ordinary wet wipes, this wet wipe is smaller in size and uses 11*16cm non-woven fabric. The packaging is compact and does not take up space. It is more convenient for mothers to go out and carry.

In addition, the wet wipes use 99.9% pure water, which is specially purified to clean the baby’s skin. So gentle, even suitable for premature babies.

moist wipes

Unqualified moist wipes will added a lot of chemical agents, which will cause baby rashes, red buttocks and other skin problems. As parents, we don’t want our children to use such products. Therefore, strict quality inspection is not only responsible to customers, but also to ourselves.

If you are looking forward to our moist wipes and want to learn more about baby skin care and advice, we are here to help you.