The Benefits of Wetness Indicator Diaper

Wetness Indicator Diaper is becoming more and more common. You may find them in baby diapers,adult diaper, pull-up underwear for adults, specifically caregiver settings. As a diaper wholesaler or distributor, it’s important to master the knowledge of wetness indicator so that you can make smarter choice when deciding whether to purchase diapers with wetness indicator, and how to choose among various brands in the market as well.


There are 2 types of wetness indicator
1.Hot-Melt Wetness indicator (HMWI)
2.Ink type

Hot-Melt wetness indicators are designed to change color from yellow to green or blue when exposed to an insult from inside the diaper.
The color of Ink type wetness indicators fades as a reaction to liquid, specifically urine.

To prevent skin irritation and allergies, it’s important to change the diaper on time when wet. This is the reason why wetness indicator diaper  was designed.You can tell when the diaper needs to be changed by simply observing the diaper wetness indicator, which changes its color when wet and tells when the diaper has reached its maximum limit of absorption.
Wetness indicators offer a variety of benefits to consumers and to you as a diaper dealer. Among them are:
1.Easier to spot when changes are needed
2.Prevent skin irritation or other issues caused by prolonged exposure to wetness
3.Reduce waste due to unnecessary or premature diaper changes
4.Provide ‘added value’ to your products and differentiating from competitors

Not all wetness indicator are create equal. To work effectively, they must perform fast, easily and consistently, and most importantly, safe to use.Before purchasing diapers with wetness indicator, do remember to require your supplier to provide you with performance testing results of their products.Below are some attributes you need to check the wetness indicator diaper 
1.Fast reaction time. It should has fast and clear color change when insult and be easily visible. This can be tested simply by adding water.
2.Safe to use. It should be non-toxic, not stimulate the skin, no smell and clean to use. You can ask your supplier to provide you with quality certificates.
3.Resistant to humidity. This prevents premature or partial indications occurring during processing, storage or in use before insult. It means long storage time and stable performance.
4.Reliable production process. It’s better to check production line in person if possible.
5.Thermal stability and environmental stability.