There Are 4 Ways To Use Sanitary Napkins, Teach You The Correct Posture!

Besides Being Used By Women, Sanitary Napkins Are Highly Safe And Hygienic As They Use High-Temperature Disinfection To Achieve Aseptic Results. Additionally, They Contain Water Absorption Factors And Have A Strong Ability To Absorb Water And Sweat. These Two Characteristics Make Them Extremely Versatile In Daily Life, And You Won’T Be Able To Avoid Them Sooner Or Later!

If You Don’T Believe It, Just Look At The First Three To See How Practical It Is!


1. De Tidal
In Winter Or Cloudy Days, When There Is Heavy Moisture At Home, Whether It’S In The Wardrobe Or Bedroom, You Can Put A Sanitary Napkin That Can Absorb Moisture From The Air, Remove Moisture, And The Effect Is Even Better Than A Professional Dehumidifier. In Addition, Shoes That Are Heavy In Moisture But Urgently Need To Be Worn The Next Day Can Be Stuffed With Sanitary Napkins. When You Wake Up The Next Night, You Will Find That The Shoes Have Become Dry And Cool. Sanitary Napkins Go Damp, Very Practical!


2. Powder Puff
When You Go Out For A Party At Night Or When You Are Outdoors And Want To Apply Makeup, But Find That The Powder Puff Is Gone, You Can Cut Open The Sanitary Napkin And Fold The Sticky Side In Half. Use The Middle Layer As A Powder Puff, And Everything Is Fine For Makeup. Moreover, The Sanitary Napkin Is Relatively Important, So Its Safety And Sterility Are Several Times Higher Than Other Items, So There Is No Need To Worry About Hygiene Issues.

Sanitary Napkins

3. Eye Mask
Yes, You’Re Right. As Long As You Fix Both Ends To Your Temples, You Can Make An Emergency Eye Mask With Excellent Shading. If You Have Insomnia One Night, You Can Give It A Try To Help You Fall Asleep Faster.


4. Put It In The Refrigerator To Remove Any Odors
Sanitary Napkins Have A Strong Ability To Adsorb Odors, So If You Don’T Have A Professional Refrigerator Deodorant At Hand And Want To Eliminate Odors During Home Cleaning, You Can Put A Piece Of Sanitary Napkins In The Refrigerator. At Low Temperatures, The Adsorption Effect Of Sanitary Napkins Is Stronger, Ensuring That The Refrigerator Is Odorless.