Do you know organic cotton sanitary napkins?

Organic cotton sanitary napkins is warm and soft to the touch, pollution-free, non-irritating to the skin, does not generate static electricity, and has good air permeability. Safer and healthier, allowing women to experience the care of nature. 

The organic cotton sanitary napkins is made from certified organic cotton and 100% imported polymer absorbent paper is rich in polymer absorbent beads.It instantly absorbs and locks blood, and the water absorption is 11 times that of traditional sanitary napkins.The key to the water absorption capacity lies in the water-absorbent beads, which can prevent side leakage by absorbing it quickly, coagulate blood instantly, prevent backflow, and prevent side leakage.

organic cotton sanitary napkins

Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins Nearly perfect air permeability. It is well known that the conditions for breeding bacteria are temperature, nutrition and humidity.At a body temperature above 25 degrees, the nutrient-rich menstrual blood is the nourishment for bacteria, 4 billion bacteria will be produced in 4 minutes, and it is easy to breed bacteria and even infect gynecological diseases in the case of wet menstruation.

The use of unqualified sanitary napkins provides an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria and is the key to gynecological diseases. According to the World Health Organization, the use of airtight sanitary napkins can cause bacterial vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and even cancer!

Recently, a random inspection of sanitary napkins by the China Hygiene Quality Inspection Bureau found that 90% of sanitary napkins sold on the market contain fluorescent whitening agents.These fluorescent whitening agents will penetrate into the body during menstruation.  Excessive intake of a fluorescent whitening agent can also lead to infertility.Gynecological diseases are caused by using only unhygienic sanitary napkins.It takes at least 7 years to get rid of the metabolism of the human body.

Sanitary napkins that are not hygienic are called “bacterial bombs” .Therefore, Organic cotton sanitary napkins without any additives will surely become the first choice for every woman in the future.