How to Choose a Comfortable Adult diaper for the Bedridden Family?


When people are old, their metabolism is slow, physical fitness is declining, and there are more or less diseases. Serious, need to stay in bed for a long time.

My grandmother, so optimistic and active. But at the beginning of last year, because of high blood pressure, stroke and struggling on the edge of life and death. Fortunately, the doctor rescued her in time, but because she was too old, all organs of the body had problems and paralyzed in bed.

It’s a nightmare for us. Because paralyzed in bed, unable to walk. She can’t do many things that ordinary people can do, such as bathing, going to the toilet, eating and all need help.

Because she can’t walk, we can only prepare adult diapers for her. But there are so many brands of adult diapers on the market that it’s hard to decide at first.

We asked the doctor, asked online, and finally chose one that comfortable, cost-effective.

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Here, I would like to share some points in choosing adult diapers, hoping to help other families that have long-term bedridden patient.

1. Diapers have good water absorption; A diaper with high water absorption can reduce the number of move elderly people. Especially at night, the time is relatively long, and the night-use type is indispensable.

2. Diapers should be soft and skin-friendly. If the economy permits, you can choose 100% cotton diapers. Diapers directly contact the buttocks, if too hard, easy to scrape the skin, so that bacteria have a chance.

3. Choose diapers with high permeability. When the ambient temperature increases, the skin temperature is difficult to control. If moisture and heat cannot be properly permeated, heat rash and diaper rash can easily occur.

4. Choose the right size diapers. Diapers of too large size are easy to fall off, and diapers of too small size will hurt the legs and waist. When choosing, you can refer to packing size chart for the first time. If it is not suitable, you can replace other diapers.

5. Adhesive function is good. When used, the glue should be able to stick to the diapers tightly, and can be repeated after the diapers are unrolled. Even if the patients change their position in the upper and lower wheelchairs, they will not loose or fall off.

These are some suggestions. Because of this, I unexpectedly entered the industry, now working in a professional adult diapers factory.

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