How Should Novice Mothers Choose Adult Diapers?

Pregnant women will have frequent urinary urgency in the third trimester, and maternal postpartum will discharge lochia. In the above two situations, most pregnant women will choose adult diapers. So How should novice mother choose adult diapers?

According to points:

1. Suitable for sensitive skin people

When a woman is pregnant, the body’s hormones change, the skin’s immunity is reduced.If the hygiene products are not clean, easily cause skin diseases. Therefore, during pregnancy, women requirements for hygiene products are much higher than usual. Adult diapers should be breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Close to the body

Unsuitable adult diapers not only wear discomfort, but also cause leakage. And the unsuitable adult diapers are bloated and ugly. Therefore, when choosing adult diapers, generally do not choose a universal style, but prefer to choose different sizes according to the waist circumference.

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3. Choose adult diapers according different periods
Different sizes of adult diapers are required at different times. Just like sanitary napkins are also less weighty and more numerous, adult diapers are no exception. There are thin and light adult diapers suitable for late pregnancy and slight leakage of urine. There is also an all-inclusive adult diaper suitable for postpartum lochia.

4. Choose products according to gender
Besides choosing adult diapers based on waist circumference, we also can choose diapers by gender, because men and women have different urine excretion positions and body structures, designing products according to gender is more scientific,effectively preventing odor and avoiding leakage of urine in public.

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The above is some ways for novice mothers to choose adult diapers,Where can choose best quality adult diapers?

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