3 Ways to Distinguish Alcohol Free Wet Wipes?

Sometimes we need to use wet wipes for babies’ hand mouth cleaning. Because their immunity is relatively low, the wet wipes can’t contain alcohol.

However, many kinds of wet wipes in market, how to distinguish alcohol free wet wipes?

1. See the description of the ingredients.
This is the most direct inspection standard. If the brand is famous, the product packaging will indicate whether it contains alcohol, which is convenient for customers to identify directly.

2. Touch. Open a pack of wipes and take out a pieces to wipe the back of hand. Because the alcohol is volatile, if it feels cold, the wipe may contain alcohol. But this is not 100% accurate, and other ingredients will also make us feel like this;

3. Take out a wet wipe and ignite it with a lighter. If the flame is large and the smell is pungent, it is likely to contain alcohol;

Baby Tender Alcohol Free Wet Wipes:

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Baby Tender Baby Wipes are pre-moistened with a soothing formula of Aloe and Calendula to keep skin healthy and moisturized. Hypoallergenic, irritant-free, and alcohol-free, this wipe is great for sensitive skin.

Wipes are 15*20cm and come in an easy-dispensing soft pack. The flip-top lid seals quickly and keeps wipes from drying out. If you are interested in, please send message to us!