Manual For The Correct Use Of Sanitary Napkins:

1、Anytime 10Pcs 280Mm Disposable Ladies Sanitary Napkin Pads

Sanitary Napkins Are Essential For Women During Menstruation, And Their Use Location Is Private, Sensitive, And Fragile, With Particularly High Hygiene Requirements. If The Sanitary Napkin Is Not Used Properly, Not Only Is It Limited In Activity, But It Is Also Difficult To Tolerate Dampness And Heat, Which Can Easily Breed Bacteria And Odors, Leading To Gynecological Diseases!

The Pelvic Cavity, Uterus, Cervix, Vagina, And External Environment Are All Interconnected, Making The Female Reproductive System Particularly Vulnerable To External Pathogens. Especially During Menstruation, The Resistance Of The Reproductive Organs Decreases And Becomes More Fragile Than Usual. If Non-Standard Sanitary Napkins Are Used, It Is Particularly Easy To Develop Infections.

Anytime 10Pcs 280Mm Disposable Ladies Sanitary Napkin Pads


Q1. How Often Do I Change Sanitary Napkins?

According To A Survey, Japanese Women Have An Average Of 6 Changes Per Day During Their Menstrual Period, While Chinese Women Have 3 Changes. Nowadays, There Are Many “High Absorption” Sanitary Napkins Advertised On The Market, And Many Women Mistakenly Believe That One Piece Of Sanitary Napkins With High Absorption Can Be Used For A Long Time, Especially When There Is Little Menstrual Blood, It Is Only One Or Two Pieces Per Day, Which Is A Serious Mistake.
Experiments Have Shown That After Using Ordinary Sanitary Napkins For 2 Hours, They Become A “Culture Medium” For Bacteria, With A Total Number Of Surface Bacteria Reaching 107 Per Square Centimeter. During Menstruation, Women’S Immune System Decreases And They Are More Susceptible To External Bacteria. In Addition, Moisture Can Easily Accumulate Locally In Summer, Causing Allergies. Therefore, Regardless Of The Amount, It Is Recommended To Replace It Every 2 Hours.

Q2. Does The Sanitary Napkin Have A Shelf Life?
Sanitary Napkins Are Not Completely Sterile Because They Are Both Difficult To Achieve And Unnecessary: Menstrual Blood Itself Contains Many Microorganisms. According To A Study, Each Gram Of Menstrual Blood Contains 108-9 Microorganisms, But Generally, They Are Not Harmful To The Human Body. So, Many Brands Of Sanitary Napkins Are Not Specifically Disinfected. As Long As They Meet The National Standards: They Do Not Contain Pathogenic Bacteria, And The Number Of Microorganisms Is Within A Certain Range, They Will Not Harm Our Health.

Q3. Are There Any Hidden Dangers In Scented Sanitary Napkins?
Many Businesses On The Market Have Launched Fragrance Sanitary Napkins Such As Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, And Mint Scents, As Well As Medicinal Sanitary Napkins Such As Motherwort. Most Of These Sanitary Napkins Are Added With Different Types Of Drugs, Essence Or Additives, And Some Sanitary Napkins Are Sprayed With Pure Chinese Herbal Biological Liquid Prepared By Sophora Flavescens, Cnidium Monnieri, Sichuan Goldthread And Borneol. The Ingredients Added To Medicated Sanitary Napkins Vary, And Generally Have A Bactericidal And Itching Relieving Effect. At The Same Time, The Cool Feeling Of Medicated Sanitary Napkins Can Bring A Comfortable Feeling To Women In Hot Or Humid Weather.
However, Medicinal Sanitary Napkins Are Suitable For A Wide Range Of People And Are Not Suitable For Everyone. Medical Sanitary Pads Are Indeed Beneficial For Menstrual Care Of Women With Inflammation, As They Can Play A Role In Cleaning The Female Genital Area And Assisting In The Treatment Of Gynecological Diseases To A Certain Extent. But Because People Have Different Constitutions, It Is Not Recommended For Women Who Have A Cold Constitution And Are Afraid Of The Cold.

Try To Wear Comfortable Clothing Such As Sports Pants And Bare Leg Pants As Much As Possible. These Clothes Will Be More Breathable, Sanitary Napkins Are Less Prone To Deformation, And Are More Suitable For The Human Body.
● Cleaning Private Parts: Do Not Abuse Personal Cleaning Agents If You Feel That Your Menstrual Blood Is Dirty. As Long As Your Private Parts Are Healthy, Clean Them With Warm Water, 1-2 Times A Day, And Do Not Need To Be Too Frequent.
Change And Wash Your Underwear Every Day And Air It In A Timely Manner.