Why are some babies allergic to diapers?

We all know baby diaper directly touch baby’s skin, but baby immunity is weak, it’s easy to be allergic.

Many mothers will be very anxious if babies is allergic. But in fact, besides worry we need consider what cause our baby to be allergic.

Maybe are:

1. Baby diaper is too tight

If diapers are too tight and airtight, bacteria can easily grow and baby’s bums will have red rashes.


When the mother is putting the diaper, the back of the diaper is slightly higher than the abdomen, which prevents urine seeping from the back. When wearing a diaper for your baby, take the mark on the glue as the standard, first fix the left and right sides, then remember to adjust the waist and legs. It can avoid the leakage of urine, and also prevent the baby’s skin being abraded by the side of diapers.

2.Did not change the diaper in time
If the disposable diaper is not replaced in time, the moisture of the urine and the ammonia will irritate the skin and cause babies skin to become red. The digestive enzymes in the stool also have damage to the skin. The skin after the injury is prone to mold molds such as white fungus, and once this happens, the baby’s delicate skin will be allergic.


A piece of diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day. In the case of uncertainty, pay attention to the following time: after 15-30 minutes of feeding, baby’s urine may be discharged; Before going to bed, check if your baby’s diaper is dry; After that, you will usually urinate; check your baby before going out.

3. Baby diapers brand
Some poor-quality diapers easily cause baby allergies.
Replacement of diapers brand, choose more well-known such as Pampers, Huggies, MAMAMA’s BABY.

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What should we do if baby is allergic?
(1)It is best to clean the baby’s butt before you change your baby’s diaper. Then, apply a thin layer of diaper cream to your baby. In this way, the baby’s small butt can stay dry.

(2)In general, baby allergies if only a very slight skin redness, you can continue to use diapers, but each time you change diapers, you must wait until the small butt is dry before putting on.

(3) If the condition continues to develop, you must go to the doctor, according to the doctor’s request for the baby.

(4) But also pay attention to the need for half an hour to an hour each day, so that the baby’s small butt is exposed to the air, fully ensure that the small butt is dry and then put on the diaper, and to increase the number of times the original change diapers.