Choosing the Right Size for Your Baby

Size is a huge part of finding the right diaper fit for your baby. As you know, babies need to change different size diapers during different ages.
Novice parents always have a common concern: What size of diapers suitable for my babies? Generally, the way is to measure your baby weight and combine size chart from famous brands.




Weight Size
0-5 kgs Newborn
3-6 kgs Size S
5-10 kgs Size M
8-13 kgs Size L
>12 kgs Size XL


Choosing the right diaper can avoid these problems:
1. Leak; A diaper that is too small can be prone to leaking because there isn’t enough absorbent material for the volume of pee. Once you find the diaper had full of urine or even leak, please change a larger size diaper.

2. Diaper isn’t covering your baby’s bottom completely; Red marks around the waist or thighs and signs of chafing, which may indicate the diaper is too tight.

3. Reverse osmosis; We need to know that diapers have water absorption capacity. Once the absorption capacity is exceeded, urine will seep out, which is easy to harm the baby’s skin.

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Knowing these, I believe everyone has some basic thoughts for diapers choices. By the way, Our company specializes in the production of disposable hygiene products such as diapers. MAMA’S BABY and iCare are our diaper brands that have exported to many countries. Baby diapers online wholesale or consult, please send messages.