Can you use baby wipes after baby defecation?

Baby wipes is a necessary products for most mothers.Because it is a disposable wet towels,which is convenient to use.Especially when taking the baby out,many mothers use baby wipes to wiping baby hands or bum.

But is baby wipes suitable for wiping the baby’s bum after baby defecation?

Baby wipes are special wipes for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have relatively high requirements. They cannot add alcohol, flavors, preservatives, etc. Because the baby’s skin is delicate and easy to be allergic.

Proper use of baby wipes to wipe your baby’s butt is no problem, but it is not used as much as possible. Because the detergent ingredients are generally added to the wipes, often wiping the baby’s bum will reduce the function of the sebaceous glands, making the baby’s small butt become dry, which may cause skin allergies or dermatitis.

Don’t use wet wipes in these 3 cases.

1.Don’t wipe baby body sensitive parts with a baby wipe.

Wipes are the most convenient way to clean your baby’s skin. When the baby spits milk or has a bowel movement, take a wet wipe to clean the baby.

However, the wet wipes are made of non-woven fabrics, which are not natural substances, and the wet wipes are easy to breed bacteria when they are opened for a long time.

Therefore, be sure to avoid using baby wipes to wipe some sensitive parts of your baby, such as your baby’s eyes, nose, and navel, so as not to cause some bad irritation to your baby’s skin.

In addition, do not use wet wipes to wipe the private parts of the female baby, so as not to cause bacterial infection, so that the baby suffers from gynecological diseases.

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2.Don’t use wipes for babies when it’s cold.

Because the main ingredients of the wipes are water and emollients, it will be cooler. If the weather is cold, use a wet wipe for your baby. It is easy for your baby to catch cold and your baby may have diarrhea.

3.Don’t use wet wipes when your baby is allergic

Because the baby’s skin is more delicate, the wet wipes contain certain chemical components. Some babies use baby wipe, and there will be a “red ass”. Once the baby is allergic, stop using the wipes immediately.