Do you know bamboo sanitary pads?

Sanitary pad is essential hygiene products in women menstruation period. According to statistics, a woman needs about 15,000 sanitary pads in her lifetime. Because it’s close to our body, once not especially suitable for us, it’s likely to cause health problems.

You should know inferior sanitary pads or improperly used pads can cause damage to your vaginal, such as itching, odor, redness, and swelling of the vulva, allergies; If serious, it may induce gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis. Infertility, induce cancer.

The survey from the World Health Organization said worldwide 63.7% of gynecological diseases are caused by the use of inferior sanitary pads. 97.6% of women suffer from one or two gynecological diseases in their lifetime, 70% of whom are caused by improper use of inferior sanitary pads.

Inferior sanitary pads that are not breathable and have poor water absorption can also bring discomfort, affecting our daily life, work, and study, and making the mood irritable.

High-quality sanitary pads have strong water absorption, excellent breathability, can firmly lock the water, not afraid of leakage and refreshing in summer.

To say goodbye to sultry, sticky, damp, odor, itching in the summer, bamboo sanitary pads are the most suitable!

organic cotton menstrual pads

The principle and advantages of bamboo sanitary pads?

Bamboo sanitary pads utilize the characteristics of bamboo fiber’s water absorption and water-conducting properties, combined with SAP, which increases the gas permeability of the sanitary pads while locking the water. Bamboo has the characteristics of antibacterial, antistatic and release of negative ions so that bacteria can not survive on fibrous tissue.

The structure of bamboo sanitary pads?

The First Layer: The surface of the bamboo fiber surface extracted from the natural plant bamboo
Pure natural 100% bamboo fiber, known as “breathing fiber.” It has special functions such as super gas permeability, antibacterial, deodorization and naturally hypoallergenic.

The Second Layer: Infiltration Layer
The special ES fiber infiltration material is applied to infiltrate the inner layer of the sanitary pads through the liquid contact with the surface of the pads body and rapidly spread, completely eliminating leakage.

The Third Layer: Functional Chip
Negative ions, far-infrared chip, negative ions can promote metabolism, improve endocrine, enhance immunity, anti-bacterial itching, anti-inflammatory, and deodorization; Far infrared can improve microcirculation, repair cells, improve immunity, effectively alleviate women menstruation pain due to palace cold. In addition, bamboo fiber breathability is 3.5 times than cotton, effectively eliminating the odor caused by menstrual odor and bloody smell!

The Fourth Layer: Tissue Paper
The ultra-thin structure makes the sanitary pads more complete and the surface layer is cleaner. The most critical aspect of the application of this process and materials is that the pads have superior resistance to extrusion.

bamboo sanitary pads

The Fifth Layer: Polymer Absorbent Paper(SAP Paper)
It has a super-locking water function, and it retains moisture tightly after water absorption and prevents back leakage.

The Sixth Layer is the same as the fourth layer, using tissue paper.

The Seventh Layer: Breathable Bottom Film. The PE bottom film is very breathable.

The Eighth Layer: Release Paper
It is ergonomic and does not cause any harm to the human body. It is especially breathable.

The Ninth Layer: PP Film
Effective protection to make sanitary napkins safer and more sterile.

bamboo mama pads

Anytime bamboo sanitary pads can make you easily get rid of the hot and humid, itchy odors in the summer menstrual period, and let you maintain a refreshing menstrual experience in hot weather, which will make you feel happy and relaxed, and enhance your happiness!