1、Classification Of Sanitary Napkins
2、Length Of Sanitary Napkin
3、Sanitary Napkin Surface Material
4、Thickness Of Sanitary Napkin
5、Prioritize Choosing Sanitary Napkins

1、 Related Knowledge About Sanitary Napkins

Understanding The Knowledge About Sanitary Napkins Can Give You A Clearer Understanding Of The Classification, Use Methods And Material Differences Of Different Sanitary Napkins. It Will Also Be Of Great Help To Sisters In Choosing Sanitary Napkins In The Future.

1)Classification Of Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins Are Classified Into Daily Use, Night Use, Day + Night Use, Tampons, Menstrual Cups, Etc.
Our Series Of Related Articles Mainly Introduces The Day-Use Type, Night-Use Type, And Day-Use + Night-Use Type That Are Commonly Used In Daily Life.

2)Length Of Sanitary Napkin

Common Sanitary Napkin Lengths: 175Mm, 230Mm, 250Mm, 270Mm, 290Mm, 300Mm, 350Mm, 420Mm.

<=175Mm: Suitable For Use When Menstruation Begins Or Is About To End.
230/250/270Mm: Suitable For Daily Use
290/300Mm: Suitable For Day Or Night Use
350/420Mm: Suitable For Night Use

3) Sanitary Napkin Surface Material

Common Sanitary Napkin Surface Materials: Soft And Skin-Friendly, Silky And Ultra-Thin, Dry Mesh, Liquid Material, Pure Cotton Material, Etc.

Soft And Skin-Friendly: Its Material Is Actually A Kind Of Chemical Fiber Raw Material, Which Is Melted At High Temperature And Hot-Pressed Into Cloth To Create A Cotton-Like Texture. (Note, It Is Not Made Of Pure Cotton)
Dry Mesh Surface: Its Surface Is Composed Of Many Small Holes. Due To The Design Of These Small Holes, It Will Feel Drier And Reduce Some Stuffiness.
Silky And Ultra-Thin: Silky-Thin Sanitary Napkins Have Little To Do With The Surface Material. The Main Purpose Is To Make The Towel Body Thinner And Smoother, Softer And Skin-Friendly, Yet As Dry And Comfortable As A Mesh.
Liquid Material: Its Absorbent Material Is A New Type Of Liquid Material Flexfoamtm, Which Is Liquefied With Pure Water And Nano-Molecular Polymer Through Emulsification Technology, Similar To The Porous Form Of Memory Foam. (Interested Sisters Can Click To View Flexfoamtm)
Pure Cotton Material: The Material Of Pure Cotton Sanitary Napkins Is Natural Fiber, So There Will Be No Discomfort When It Comes Into Contact With Our Body. It Is Especially Suitable For Fairies With Sensitive Skin.

4).Thickness Of Sanitary Napkin

Common Sanitary Napkin Thicknesses: Ultra-Thin, Slim, Ordinary, Ultra-Thin

Thickness From Low To High: Extremely Thin < Ultra-Thin < Slim < Ordinary

5) Priority When Choosing Sanitary Napkins: Surface Material > Breathability (Thickness) > Side Leakage > Back Seepage
Of Course, Price Is The First Factor That All Little Fairies Consider.