Do you know women’s health hygiene products – biodegradable sanitary pads?

Whenever women come to menstruation, they need to use hygiene products such as sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and so on. A large amount of sanitary products waste has made the earth’s environmental pollution increasingly serious.

In order to improve this problem, everyone began to look for healthy materials that can replace these.

Do you know? The reason why most sanitary pads can not be degraded is mainly because the raw material of sanitary napkins – SAP, it is equivalent to plastic there is no enzyme that can decompose it in the biological world, we can only deal with it by incineration.

Moreover, sensitive skin people maybe cause rashes, allergies, and infections if they exposure it in long-term.

Considering the ill-effects of regular menstrual products, the search of a biodegradable sanitary pad began in right earnest. 

biodegradable sanitary pads

1. How are biodegradable pads advantageous over ordinary ones?

The biodegradable pads are mostly made of organic materials such as bamboo, corn, jute or banana fibre with no use of harmful chemicals. The pads are compostable, saving the country from the humongous problem arising out of the disposal of used pads and other menstrual products. Incineration creates the problem of additional air pollution with the release of poisonous fumes which is avoided in the case of using biodegradable sanitary pads.

2. How to buy biodegradable sanitary pads?

In order to make sanitary pads biodegradable, the raw materials and machines required are better than ordinary ones, but it’s difficult to find.The production of biodegradable pads in China is still in the nascent stage with a few entrepreneurs coming forward to fulfil a dire social need. Our company, as an industry leader with more than 20 years of production experience, has produced biodegradable sanitary pads that are being sold to countries around the world. We welcome partners!