1、 Sanitary Napkins Are Classified By Length: Sanitary Napkins Are Divided Into Pads: 150Mm 155Mm 180Mm (With Wings And Without Wings) 190Mm (With Wings And Without Wings) These Lengths Are Generally Used Before And After Menstruation. According To Daily Use: 210Mm 240Mm 260Mm 280Mm This One Is Used During The Day And Divided Into Night-Time Ones: 290Mm, 310Mm, 330Mm. This One Is Used At Night. The Larger One Can Be Used During The Day. According To Lengthened Night Use: 360Mm 420Mm This Is Used At Night. If The Volume Is Heavy At Night, It Is Recommended To Use Menstrual Pants. No Matter How You Sleep, There Will Be No Side Leakage.

2、Sanitary Napkins Are Classified According To Surface Layer:
1) Cotton-Faced Sanitary Napkins (Pure Cotton, Soft Face)
2) Mesh Sanitary Napkin
3) Silk Sanitary Napkins

3、Sanitary Napkins Are Classified According To Product Functions:
1) Functionality (This Is Like Buying Scented Sanitary Napkins, Or Adding Some Kind Of Functional Chip)
2) Ordinary Nature (That Is, Everyone Usually Buys Very Ordinary Sanitary Napkins, Without So Many Bells And Whistles)

4、Sanitary Napkins Are Classified According To Product Thickness:
1) Thick Towel (For Example, Buy A Thicker Product With Wooden Paddle + Small White Paper Structure)
2) Thin Towels (For Example, As Shown On The Market, My Sanitary Napkins Are Coin-Thick. These Are Thin Towels And Have Strong Water Absorption Capabilities. However, I Want To Mention That This Absorbency Is So Strong That Our Menstrual Flow In One Month Is Not As High As What They Demonstrated. A Glass Of Water Is More)

5、Sanitary Napkins Are Classified According To The Production Process: They Have Water-Repellent Borders, They Have Three-Dimensional Guards, And They Have Suspended Cores.

1). Frequent Replacement
Women Should Change Sanitary Napkins Frequently During Menstruation, Preferably Every 2 To 4 Hours. In Order To Avoid Frequent Trips To The Toilet, Many Women Choose Sanitary Napkins With A Relatively Large Absorption Capacity, So That They Do Not Need To Be Changed For A Long Time. However, This Approach Is Wrong. If They Do Not Change Them For A Long Time, The Private Parts Will Be Moist And It Will Be Easy To Change Them. The Breeding Of Some Bacteria Will Directly Harm The Health Of Women’S Private Parts.

2) Don’T Put Sanitary Napkins In The Toilet
Many Women Like To Place Sanitary Napkins Directly In The Toilet For Daily Convenience. This Approach Seems More Reasonable And Is Indeed More Convenient To Use. However, The Bathroom Is Relatively Humid, And Bacteria And Viruses Are Easy To Breed. If The Sanitary Napkin Is Left In The Bathroom For A Long Time, Bacteria And Viruses Are Easy To Accumulate On The Surface Of The Sanitary Napkin. After Use, It May Cause Private Parts Infection And Affect The Health Of The Body.

3) Use Medicated Sanitary Napkins With Caution
Medicated Sanitary Napkins Have A Cleaning Effect On The Vagina And Can Prevent Some Gynecological Diseases. However, These Sanitary Napkins Are Not Suitable For All People. Some People May Have Allergies After Using Them, Such As Vulva Itching. It Is Not Recommended To Use, So If You Want To Use Medicated Sanitary Napkins, It Is Best To Consult A Doctor First.

4) Do Not Use Sanitary Napkins During Non-Menstrual Periods
Many Women Also Like To Use Sanitary Napkins When They Are Not Menstruating, Thinking That It Is Cleaner And Hygienic. However, The Breathability Of Sanitary Napkins Is Relatively Poor. If Used For A Long Time, The Private Parts Will Become Moist, Which Is Easy For Bacteria To Breed And Cause Some Gynecological Diseases. . In Addition, Long-Term Friction Between The Bathroom And The Skin May Cause Skin Damage And Cause Diseases Such As Vulvar Folliculitis, So It Is Not Recommended To Use It During Non-Menstrual Periods.

5) Pay Attention To The Shelf Life
Many Women Like To Stock Up On Sanitary Napkins In Large Quantities, Especially When They Are On Sale. This Saves Money And Is More Convenient. However, Sanitary Napkins Also Have A Shelf Life, Usually Three Years. If You Stock Up On Too Many Sanitary Napkins And Don’T Pay Much Attention To The Shelf Life, Causing The Sanitary Area To Expire, Bacteria May Breed, Which Will Affect Your Health. In Addition, When Buying Sanitary Napkins, Try Not To Choose Scented Sanitary Napkins. Although These Sanitary Napkins Can Cover Up The Special Smell Of Menstruation, They Generally Contain Fragrance Ingredients That Can Easily Cause Irritation, Such As Skin Allergies, Inflammation, And Itching. Class Of Questions. In Addition, You Need To Wash Your Hands Before Changing Sanitary Napkins To Avoid Bringing Bacteria From Your Hands To The Sanitary Napkins And Then Entering Women’S Private Parts, Causing Gynecological Diseases.