Do you know when to use breast pads?


Most mothers who start breastfeeding their babies have experienced the embarrassing situation of leaking milk. There are two reasons for this:

1. Breast structure; If the nipple position is lower, there will be milk leakage. In addition, If the milk secretion more than baby needs, and didn’t suck out milk in time, easy to overflow;

2. Mother is weak after giving birth;

disposable breast pads

What advantage does breast pad have?

1. Absorb excess milk to avoid wetting the clothes;

2. When breastfeeding, the baby likes to bite the mother’s nipple, easy to cause nipple slightly broken, underwear and nipple often friction, easy to breed bacteria, breast pads can protect the nipple;

Disposable Breast Pads or Washable Breast Pad?

Disposable Breast Pad:

Advantages: thin and small, with fixed glue on the back, easy to use and carry, disposable use, no need to clean.

Disadvantages: several replacements a day, high cost.

Washable Breast Pad:

Advantage: made of cotton and other natural fabrics, comfortable and close-fitting, breathable, can be used many times, economical.

Disadvantages: need timely cleaning, and milk stain cleaning is not very convenient.

Note: No matter disposable breast pad or washable breast pad, in order to prevent bacteria breeding, should replace frequently, 3-4 hours to replace once, if the milk is more and pad has been filled, should immediately replace;