How do you choose the right disposable sanitary pads for you?

Every woman is different, and so is her body’s reaction to periods. That’s why there are so many types of sanitary pads to choose from. In addition, the kind of sanitary pad you choose depends on your personal preference and on what works best for your body and your period.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Firstly,you need know the type of disposable sanitary pads.

According to the disposable sanitary pads length,it can be divided into day use sanitary pads(180-260mm),night use sanitary pads(270-420mm)and panty liner(below 180mm).

According to the disposable sanitary pads thickness,it can be divided into ultra thin/regular/ultra thick sanitary pads.

From pads shape,we have 2 wings,4 wings,wingless sanitary pads.

With the level of advancement in technology,multifunction sanitary pads appeared,such as herbal sanitary pads popluar in korea/japan.

cotton sanitary pads

Second,test and choose disposable sanitary pads suitable for you.

The first time you get your period, you can try a regular sized pad or mini tampon.

If the regular size seems to be filling up too quickly, then try the super pad or tampon with more absorption.

If after a few hours it looks like there’s not much blood there, then you can switch to a regular pad or a lesser absorbency tampon.

Your flow is not exactly the same throughout your period. Therefore, using the same sanitary pad type for all the days might not seem like the best option.

Choose two types of or more sanitary pads! During the day,if your blood flow less you can choose day use sanitary pads or panty liner.In night,super large sanitary pads can effectively prevent leakage.

cotton sanitary pads

Now the kinds of sanitary pads available in the market provide for almost all of your period-related concerns! 

Most important of all,understand your body and your periods, so that you can choose a sanitary pad that is a perfect match for your menstrual cycle.

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