Menstruation Is A Physiological Phenomenon Unique To Women. It Occurs Once Every Month. When Menstruation Comes, Women Will Choose Sanitary Napkins. Sanitary Napkins Will Undergo Great Changes In Modern Life. The Sanitary Napkins We Know Are Made Of Different Materials, Some Are Cotton Sanitary Napkins, And Some Are Fiber Sanitary Napkins. Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins Have Just Come Out In Recent Years, And Their Sales Are Also Good. Let Us Introduce To You The Functions And Functions Of This Kind Of Sanitary Napkins.


What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins? The Main Material Of Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins Is Bamboo Fiber. Bamboo Fiber Is A Pure Plant Hollow Fiber, Which Is Called A Breathing Fiber. Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins Will Use Bamboo Fiber To Absorb Water. It Has The Characteristics Of Fast Water Conductivity, Combined With Degraded Polymer Water-Absorbent Resin, Which Locks In Moisture And Is Breathable At The Same Time.


Bamboo Fiber Tissue Contains The Natural Substance Bamboo Quinone, Which Has The Characteristics Of Antibacterial, Antibacterial, Antistatic, And Releases Negative Ions, Making It Impossible For Bacteria To Survive In The Bamboo Fiber Tissue. The Hygienic Characteristic Of Bamboo Fiber Is That It Can Always Keep The Sanitary Napkin Clean. . Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins Are Made From Pure Plant Fibers, Non-Medicinal Fibers, And Contain Antioxidant Compounds From Bamboo Salts.


Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins Have Very Good Breathability, Have Automatic Cleaning Functions, Eliminate Odors, And Reject Bacterial Contamination. They Are A True Sanitary Napkin. When Consumers Use It, They Feel Very Comfortable And Can Improve Immunity. It Moisturizes The Skin, Has Anti-Aging And Anti-Fatigue Biological Properties, And Reduces The Symptoms Of Skin Itching.


The Above Introduces To You The Functions And Functions Of Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins. Bamboo Fiber Is A Fiber Extracted From Naturally Growing Bamboo. It Has Good Breathability And Can Quickly Absorb Moisture. At The Same Time, It Also It Has Natural Antibacterial And Anti-Odor Functions, Is As Soft As Cotton, And Feels As Slippery As Silk. Female Friends Can Choose Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins, Which Solves Some Of The Common Problems Of Traditional Sanitary Napkins.