How to wear diapers more comfortable in summer?


When summer coming, many families with babies will have some trouble, because the temperature rises. When the temperature is high, people will want to wear as little as possible, and the thinner and more comfortable it is. However, because the baby is too young, they need to Baby diaper. If they are uncomfortable about the hot summer, they will cry.

How should summer diapers be more comfortable to wear?

In summer, the water that babies drink will increase. The baby’s metabolism speeds up, so the urine output is likely to increase. The baby’s urine output increases, and you need to choose fast-absorbing diapers, so that the urine can be quickly absorbed, reducing the contact between the buttocks and the urine, and avoiding the baby’s red butt. At the same time, when choosing diapers, it is best to choose a dry mesh surface, which can ensure that the urine will not appear all over the body, and can keep the baby comfortable and dry at all times.

baby diaper pants

Step 1: Choose a used Baby diaper pants and fill it with water (of course you can also choose a new one).
Step 2: Use scissors to cut a 6 to 7 cm hole on the butt side of the diaper. Turn the diaper over and rinse off the batt-like flesh inside, and let it dry.
Step 3: Turn the dry diaper over, flatten the waterproof outer layer, and let the butt butt surface stick to the outer layer (because there is excess glue between the layer and the inner layer).
Step 4: Cut off the adhesive strip of the diaper.

Use a wide rubber band to tie the baby’s waist, fold the diaper on the diaper, tuck it in the rubber band on the baby’s waist, because the crotch of the diaper is curved and The diaper is tightly pleated, and the diaper is very stable inside, so the baby can move freely, that is, there is no need to worry about warming up the ass, and no need to worry about wetting the bed or leaking urine.

It is understood that because many mothers are worried that the moisture absorption capacity of diapers is not strong enough, they generally have the habit of changing their babies’ diapers at night. As a result, most babies will wake up 3-4 times every night. Continuous sleep time. Therefore, the moisture absorption capacity of diapers should be the primary factor that mothers consider when buying.In addition to the ability to absorb moisture, whether a diaper can stay dry also plays a key role in whether the baby can get continuous sleep.

At the same time, the breathability of diapers is also a factor that mothers need to consider when choosing a brand. You can do an experiment, pour hot water into a glass cup, buckle the diaper, and then buckle the other glass cup upside down on the diaper. For diapers with good air permeability, small water droplets or water mist can be seen on the glass soon, which indicates that after the baby urinates, the moisture and heat of the urine will quickly volatilize into the air through the diaper .

The above three characteristics are all satisfied by Baby diaper pants. It has a soft texture, super absorption, dry and non-reverse osmosis, and is particularly breathable. It is especially comfortable for your baby to wear. It can prevent the generation of a stuffy and humid crotch environment, thereby reducing the risk of red butt and allowing your baby to grow up happily.