How to Deal with Bladder Leaks After Pregnant Delivery


Are you know when mom is giving birth, the baby will out of through vaginal, stretch and squeeze the bladder cause harm. Because of it, mom will appear bladder leaks.

But don’t very worry. Not every mom will happen. Even if you appear the symptoms of incontinence also have some methods to improve.

1. Exercise
Many people use Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that work in conjunction with their bladder. These workouts oftentimes include contracting the pelvis and repeated motions.

2. Lose Weight Properly
Please consult a doctor. If you become fatter after pregnancy, please notice, the extra weight that you’re now carrying is going to put pressure on your bladder, which can cause it to leak.

3. Traning Bladder Function
Postpartum will experience frequent urination, don’t wait for urgency before going to the toilet, go every 30s, and slowly extend the interval between two urination. Eat more fruits to prevent constipation.

4. Use Ladies Incontinence Pant
Ladies’ incontinence pant is very convenient when you go outside. If you often at home, try maternity pads.

pull up nappies for adults

5. Drink Enough Water
Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water one day. Many mothers often mistakenly think that reducing the intake of water can reduce urine leakage. In fact, dehydration is more likely to cause urinary infections, and the infected bladder is more likely to leak urine, forming a vicious cycle.