How many maternity sanitary towels will you need after the birth?


Many novices moms don’t understand why they should use maternity sanitary towels instead of regular one after birth and always have some troubles. I used to have the same confusion. Writing this article, and share my experience with you.

Maternity sanitary towel is different from regular pads, it’s longer, softer, and much more absorbent. Bleeding from your womb (uterus) will start soon after your baby is born. The blood mostly comes from the place where the placenta was attached, so you’ll have it whether you had a vaginal or caesarean birth.

The bleeding is called lochia. The blood will be bright red, and it can be heavy and have clots. This is quite normal. In this situation, we should use maternity sanitary towel.

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Maternity sanitary towel divided into 3 sizes: S/M/L, it’s according to lochia quantity. 2-3 days after the baby is born, lochia is most. That time moms need to use L sizes maternity sanitary towels. After 4-8 days, the lochia begins to decrease and the colour becomes lighter. In this time use M sizes. After that, the lochia will gradually decrease. When it starts to become yellow, you can mix use small sizes.

Gergenally, moms better to prepare 2 packs large size, 2 packs medium size, 3 packs small size pads before going to hospital. Furthermore, washing your hands before and after changing pads, and change them often to protect against infection.

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