Firstly, Material Selection Is Very Important. Priority Should Be Given To Materials Such As Soft And Breathable Natural Pure Cotton Or Organic Cotton. This Material Is More Skin Friendly And Can Reduce The Risk Of Allergies And Irritation. When Ah Hu Has Sensitive Skin, He Will Buy A Pure And Elegant Sanitary Napkin Made Of Pure Cotton On The Surface, Which Feels Similar To Underwear And Has A Good Sense Of Use. Secondly, It Is Also Crucial To Choose Sanitary Napkins With Appropriate Absorption Capacity Based On Personal Needs. For People With Less Menstruation Or At The Beginning And End Of Their Period, Thinner Daily Sanitary Napkins Can Be Chosen; When Menstruation Is Frequent, It Is Necessary To Consider Using Night Or Extra Long Night Sanitary Napkins. When You Haven’T Found The Most Comfortable Brand, Don’T Blindly Buy A Set Meal,This Combination Is The Most Suitable For You After Trying.

In Addition, Avoid Choosing Sanitary Napkins Containing Additives Such As Essence, Dyes, Chemical Fluorescent Agents, Etc. These Additives May Cause Allergies Or Discomfort. Nowadays, There Are Many Videos For Evaluation, And You Can See The Results Of The Evaluation. Overall, Ahu Still Recommends Purchasing Large Brand Sanitary Napkins, And It Is Best To Use The Official Channel. Finally, Try Different Brands And Styles Of Sanitary Napkins And Choose Products That Make You Feel Comfortable. Everyone Has Different Feelings For Sanitary Napkins, So Choosing The Product That Suits Them Is The Most Important.
Purchasing Sanitary Napkins Is Not Only To Meet Physiological Needs, But Also To Maintain Physical Health And Comfort. So When Purchasing Sanitary Napkins, Some Sanitary Napkins Should Not Be Purchased:

1. Expired Sanitary Napkins: It Is Strictly Prohibited To Purchase Expired Sanitary Napkins. Expired Products May Pose Safety Hazards. Sanitary Napkins Have High Storage Requirements, So Once They Expire, They Should Never Be Used. It Is Best To Buy Sanitary Napkins From Flagship Stores Or Large Supermarkets For More Hygienic Storage And Fast Sales Without Any Inventory.

2. Sanitary Napkins With Too Many Additives: Some Sanitary Napkins May Have Too Many Essence, Dyes Or Chemical Fluorescent Agents Added. These Additives May Cause Allergies Or Irritation, Leading To Discomfort. Ah Hu Really Doesn’T Like Scented Or Cool Sanitary Napkins. The Smell Can Damage His Perception Of The Smell And Make Him Ignore Some Hidden Dangers. It’S Best To Use Non Scented Styles, As The Body Odor Is Normal. Daily Cleaning Is Enough.

3. Non Breathable Materials: Choosing Non Breathable Materials May Cause Moisture And Stuffiness In Private Areas, Increasing The Risk Of Bacterial Growth. Therefore, It Is Important To Avoid Purchasing Breathable Sanitary Napkins. Some Small Brand Sanitary Napkins, In Order To Avoid Side Leakage, Use Materials Like Plastic Cloth, Which Is Really Stuffy And Not Breathable, So You Need To Buy A Breathable Style, Don’T Be Greedy For Cheap!

4. Sanitary Napkins That Do Not Meet Personal Needs: Everyone’S Menstrual Conditions Vary, So Purchasing Sanitary Napkins That Do Not Meet Personal Needs May Not Provide Sufficient Comfort And Protection. It Is Crucial To Choose The Appropriate Absorption Capacity And Style Based On One’S Own Situation.