During Summer, Skin Can Be Particularly Susceptible To Allergies. So I Took Many Detours On Sanitary Napkins, But Now I Won’T Be Easily Allergic Because Ah Hu Has A Complete Set Of Methods For Selecting Sanitary Napkins! Today, Ah Hu Shared The Tips For Choosing A Sanitary Napkin, Which Babies With Sensitive Skin Can Refer To!


Firstly, Materials Are Very Important. Priority Should Be Given To Materials Such As Soft And Breathable Natural Pure Cotton Or Organic Cotton, As They Are More Friendly To Sensitive Skin And Are Less Likely To Cause Irritation And Allergic Reactions. For Daily Use Of Sanitary Napkins With A Soft Surface, It Is Recommended To Choose Sanitary Napkins With A Pure Cotton Surface During Seasons Prone To Allergies.


Secondly, Sanitary Napkins Containing Essence, Dyes, Chemical Fluorescent Agents And Other Additives Should Be Avoided. These Additives May Have A Stimulating Effect On Sensitive Skin, So Choosing Products Without Additives Is Safer. Some Sanitary Napkins Pursue Niche Markets, Launching Essential Oil Sanitary Napkins, Cool Feeling Sanitary Napkins, Warm Feeling Sanitary Napkins, Etc. Do Not Touch Sensitive Muscles And Do Not Increase The Possibility Of Allergies.

Additionally, Ph Balance Is Also Important. Choosing A Sanitary Napkin That Matches The Acid-Base Balance Of The Private Area Can Reduce The Impact On The Normal Flora Of The Private Area And Reduce The Occurrence Of Sensitivity And Discomfort. Sensitivity Is Not Only Skin, But Also Mucous Membranes. The Sensitivity Of The Vaginal Mucosa Should Also Be Carefully Taken Care Of. Choosing A Weakly Acidic Sanitary Napkin Can Better Maintain Vaginal Health, Such As The Free Point One, Which Creates A Weakly Acidic Environment For The Vagina.

In Addition, The Thin Design Is Also A Consideration Factor. Sensitive Skin Is Prone To Allergic Reactions. Choosing A Thin Design Sanitary Napkin Can Reduce Friction And Irritation With The Skin, And Has Better Ventilation, Greatly Reducing The Possibility Of Allergies.


Finally, Remember To Avoid Using Sanitary Napkins For Extended Periods Of Time, Especially When Unnecessary. Timely Replacement Of Sanitary Napkins Can Keep Private Areas Clean And Reduce Skin Irritation. It Is Best To Change In Two Hours, With A Maximum Of 4 Hours. At The Same Time, Wash Your Hands Before And After Changing The Sanitary Napkin!