Three Tips For Using Sanitary Napkins Correctly

1.It’S Best To Change Sanitary Napkins Every Two HoursThe Best Way To Overcome The Odor Left By Menstrual Blood On Sanitary Napkins Is Of Course To Choose Products With Good Breathability And Frequently Replace Them.Suggestion: During Menstruation, It Is Not Advisable To Eat High-Fat And High-Calorie Foods, But Instead Replace Them With Fruits, Vegetables, And Beans. A Light Diet Will Also Help The Body Feel Refreshed.


2.Replace And Be More Diligent

The Doctor Said, “There Are Abundant Nutrients In Menstrual Blood, Which Can Easily Become A ‘Culture Medium’ For The Rampant Growth Of Bacteria. Therefore, Sanitary Napkins Must Be Replaced Diligently.’


There Are Two Wrong Practices:

One Is The Use Of Sanitary Napkins With Strong Absorption And Good Protective Functions, Thinking That Using The Same Sanitary Napkin For A Long Time Is Not Related;

The Second Is To Forget To Replace It When The Menstrual Blood Volume Is Low.

During The Two Days Before And After Menstruation, When It Is Inconvenient To Take A Bath During Travel Or Business Trips, Sanitary Pads Can Be Considered A Convenient, Practical, And Clean Choice. But Doctors Believe That Sanitary Pads Should Not Be Used At All Times.

Three Tips For Using Sanitary Napkins Correctly


  1. Maintain A Distance From The Sanitary Pad

The Skin Structure Of The Genitals Is Similar To That Of The Lips. In Medicine, If The Lips Are Damaged, Skilled Plastic Surgeons Can Transplant Pudendal Skin For Reconstruction. The Ideal Environment For Both Areas Of Skin Is – It Should Not Be Too Dry Or Too Wet. Imagine, Do We Often Wrap Our Lips In Care

Delicate Skin Requires A Very Breathable Environment. If Sealed Too Tightly And Moisture Accumulates, It Can Easily Breed Bacteria And Cause Various Health Problems. The Most Ideal Product Is High Woven Cotton Underwear, Which Needs To Be Washed Every Day; If Using Sanitary Pads, Don’T Forget To Choose Products With Good Breathability.

The Doctor Also Advised That If There Is A Lot Of Vaginal Discharge, The Color Is Yellow Or Bloody, And There Is A Strange Smell, It May Be Due To Diseases Such As Vaginitis. At This Time, The Best Way Is Not To Use A Sanitary Pad, But To Seek Medical Attention From A Gynecological Department As Soon As Possible.