7 Alternative Ways to Use Your Sanitary Pad


We all know sanitary pads can be used in women menstruation. However, besides this, also have some special function. For example,

1.  Men sanitary pads

You must be very surprised, why do men use sanitary pads? Ordinary men are generally not used, but for men who have just had surgery or hemorrhoids in their privacy, occasionally one or two pieces pads can absorb pus.

2. As insole:It’s softer and more comfortable than ordinary insoles, can absorb sweat. It’s an essential item for army training and long-distance travel.

3. Prevent wear of thigh roots

Many actors who play costume dramas need to ride horses for a long time. If they don’t put sanitary pads on this occasion, the sides of the thighs will be worn out. In addition, bicycle lovers who usually wear a sanitary pad to prevent abrasion when riding long distances.

4. Absorb the moisture

Shoes are often wet in wet weather. If you put sanitary pads in your shoes at night, you will find your shoes are dry and cool the next day.

5. Emergency hemostasis

In outdoor sports or mountain climbing, if you accidentally hurt, you need to stop bleeding, and there is no hemostatic pack. You can put a sanitary napkin on the wound to temporarily stop bleeding, and then further treatment or dressing the wound after going down the mountain.

6. Sweat absorption

Children are active, and there are more sweating in the armpits. You can stick a sanitary pad on the armpits of your child’s clothes. Of course, you can also buy a disposable sweat pad;

7. Fever cool down

What should you do if suddenly have a fever while camping outdoors? Have a good way. Soaking a sanitary pad with cold water and stick it on the forehead for a good cooling effect.